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App store has got its own user base that drives the views and reviews for its own. Human. First, it has to be genuine: you can always tell when an app was written by a human for humans, and that’s what people can instantly see too. Due to the many risk of getting a virus when downloading applications, people tend to read application reviews to know if it really works excellently. You type in your search query and click through the search result looking for the app that meets your requirement. Human. Second, it has to be well-written, so that the users reading the review wouldn’t be put off by the mistakes and language of a bad review. Professional.

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Now, you can find a lot of solutions for increasing your ratings in the App Store, but not all of them are equally reliable. Have you ever seen app review sites that only laud the product, but look like the robot created? 3x – 10x increase in organic downloads after working with us. They are downloaded from the Google Play Store. The position in the search rank or the number of downloads are not as important for judging an app’s usefulness or trustworthiness as the reviews of people who have already tried the app and formed their opinion. For every download of the paid application launched in the Google Play Store, the developer gets a revenue from it. Buy app store reviews and ratings which can increase the probability of app users in finding you app in the Play Store. If your competitors are ranked higher in one place in the market, you may want to choose another category for you where your app ratings would be higher. It’s a vicious circle that starts from somewhere and keeps on moving continuously. Here, you can choose keenmobi. They are downloaded from the Google Play Store. We’ve got real buy app reviews people delivering honest reviews for your App right on the App Store.

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